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October Specials
​Enjoy our changing monthly specials! 

Sausage & Peppers Sub with Pepperoni!  hlf $5.99
                                                                              whl $9.49
add free Fountain Drink!
"Featured Pizza's"
Smoke House Pizza!! Our special sauces mixed with grilled chicken and lots of Moz!                                               14"-$13.99,18"-$15.49,24"-$20.99                    

Dag Wood Pizza!! Hand tossed crust, spec. sauce and lots of deli meats!                                                          14"- $14.49, 18"- $17.99, 24"- $23.99
Add 2 liter coke for $1.99

New!New! Volcano Fries-Generous portion of Fries with Special hot sauce!  $4.99    
All Month               Mozz Sticks od Onion Rings                                $3.49 

Mon-Tues-14" Cheese------------------------------------------------------$7.49

   Mon,tues,wed,after 1Pm-Halloween Prep! 18" chz-1lb Wing Bites-$19.95

Thursday--Game Watch! 24" chz-10 wings!------------------------------------$24.95

Friday-football night-18" chz-Antipasta Salad!-------------------------$16.95
Friday-Under the lights-24" chz-20 wings-2 liter Coke!---------------$34.95
Friday-Goal Line-2-18" one top-2lb Wing Bites!-----------------------$39.95

Sat-Sun- Pregame-Red Sicilian Chz-1lb Wing Bites-Mozz Sticks!----$24.95
Sat-Sun-Big Game-18" chz-10 wings-8 Knotts!-----------------$24.95
Sat-Sun-Side Line-24"cheese-2lb Wing Bites-------------------$29.95


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