The Uncle Joe’s Story

We visited our favorite pizza parlors while growing up, not only because we enjoyed the pizza but also because the passion of the owners was a source of inspiration for us. With New York, the Pizza Capital of the World, only a few hours from our doorsteps, we grew up knowing great pizza is not just cheese and sauce, but includes passion, love, and traditions passed on from generation to generation. 

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Today, Our restaurant insists on only the best in fresh ingredients, hand-crafted dough and over-sized portions, just like our Uncle Joe did when he was crafting famous neighborhood recipes in New York City.

Uncle Joe’s Pizza & Subs uses fresh ingredients ,authentic to the traditional recipes, crafted in New York City Neighborhoods. Our sauce is made fresh and our dough is made daily with the best quality Italian cheeses.

Our mission is to bring Uncle Joe’s New York City recipes, to North East PA. Keeping to the traditions established in the “old neighborhood,”  Uncle Joe’s wants to be your go-to pizza parlor, serving you and your family and friends for many years to come.

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